if it matters

to you,

it matters

to us

I strive for excellence in all that I do; from communication with clients, to the creative process, to following through. I want to make sure you have the best experience possible and are pleased with the results.



My first priority in life and in business is my faith. I recognize that the only way for me to succeed is by the grace of God and the opportunities He affords me. If you’ve experienced God’s grace in your own life, you’ll understand my commitment to honoring God through my life and my business. 



As a photographer, I love to take photos of your families, whether that takes the form of a single person and their pet fish or a family of ten with enough personality for twenty! Looking back over my life, I’ve often realized just how blessed I’ve been with my family’s bonds. I love to show off other families’ sweet connections through my work.



From communication with clients, to pricing, to photo retouching, I strive for authenticity in all that I do. In all aspects of my life and my dealings with people, I want to be authentic. This translates to several things, but one of them is this: I want you to look like you! I promise not to edit photos beyond the point of authenticity. You’ll never see my hand touch the airbrush tool- we get enough of that in the media, don’t you think?