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My name is Dorie, and I have had a love for photography for a long time. I grew up in a family of photographers and videographers and I spent many hours of my childhood sitting in on portrait sessions, holding the spare equipment, and helping set up and change out the backdrops. 


In college, I was able to take a film photography class as part of my major that helped reignite my love of capturing a moment in time. It was really special to be able to learn the whole process, start to finish, of loading the film in the camera, adjusting settings, processing film, and manually printing the photos on paper. I even got to use my great-grandfather’s camera: the Pentax K1000. 


I believe that photography is a way of capturing not just an image, but a moment in time. Through the lens of my camera, I’m able to more clearly appreciate how precious creation is. God creates the beauty; my camera and I are simply witnesses. 


I’d love to help you capture a moment!

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